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Guide Guinevere Mobile Legends Fighter Overpower

Guinevere is a new Mobile Legends hero who has a role as a Mage but is often made into a Fighter. The different abilities of this role make it similar to Gusion or Karina. Therefore, for those of you who are new to this hero, you must know Guide Guinevere first.

Even though they have the Mage stat, the skills of this hero are very overpowered and pro players prefer to make their heroes a fighter type. Well, before discussing what kind of build is suitable for this hero. We’d better find out first what skills and tips Guide Guinevere has.

Guinevere’s Skills

Guide guinevere skills

This Hero Fighter/Mage has extraordinary skills. Let’s check starting from passive to ultimate.

Passive Skill: Super Magic

Super magic

When the opponent is hit by the Knockup effect given by Guinevere, the resulting damage will increase by 25%. Every damage dealt to the opponent will collect Super Magic.

If Super Magic has been collected, then on the next basic attack he will dash towards the nearest opponent. This basic attack deals (+100% Total Physical ATK)(+120 Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and recovers 10% of lost HP.

Skill 1: Energy Wave

Energy waves

Guinevere will create an energy ball and throw it in the specified direction. Deals 300(+130% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The energy ball also gives a slow effect of 70% against the affected opponent and the cooldown of Guinevere’s skill will be reduced.

Skill 2: Magic Thump

magic thrump

Guinevere will jump in the specified direction. If it hits the opponent, the hero will be hit by a knockup effect for 1 second. In addition, he also deals 250(+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage against the enemy.

After removing the skill, Guinevere will get a new skill, Spatial Migration. This skill allows Guinevere to move in the specified direction and leave a replica doll of herself to trick the opponent.

Ultimate Skill: Violet Requiem

Violet requiem

Guinevere releases all collected Super Magic, dealing 500(+500% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in her area for 2 seconds.

If the opponent is hit by the Knockup effect, then they will get an additional Knockup effect from this skill. Each opponent will receive an additional Knock-Up 6 times.

Tips for Using Guinevere

Hero Guinevere is a new hero that was released during the end of last season. Many people have tried to use this Mage/Fighter hero but sometimes it doesn’t work. Therefore, Dafunda Game will provide guide tips on using Guinevere and general things that you should pay attention to.

Take advantage of Passive Skills

Tips guinevere 1

As explained above, Guinevere’s passive skill will provide additional damage and can recover 10% of the lost HP. Notice the red bar under Guinevere’s HP. The red bar is an indicator of Super Magic, this passive skill will be active when the bar is full.

For a fighter type hero, the addition of damage can certainly release extraordinary magic power.

Always Make Opponents Knockup

guinevere tips 2

When you want to use Skill 2, you must always make sure the target is right with the opponent’s enemy hero. The knockup effect given can make it easier for you to beat your opponent. This effect can also make you an initiator when roaming or war.

Always Use Combination Attacks

guinevere tips 3

When you cast the Magic Thump skill, a knockup effect will be given if hit by an enemy hero. Directly connect with Violet Requiem and the enemy will get an additional Knockup effect for 3 seconds later.

Skill 2 and skill 3 are a combination that is very suitable for battle. When combined with other heroes during war, this combination is very deadly.

Combo Guinevere

Now, after knowing the tips for using Guinevere, we will explain how to use the skill combo. This combo can be used against one enemy and for war. Here’s the explanation.

First you have to issue the Magic Thump skill right at the opponent so that the enemy hero is hit by the Knockup effect. When the opponent is Knockup, immediately open the Violet Requiem ulti to make the opponent hit by damage and Knockup effects up to 6 times.

End with Energy Wave if they want to escape. You can use the Spatial Migration skill to chase the enemy or run away if the situation is different than expected. If sorted it will be the following combo:

Skill 2 > Ultimate > Skill 1 > Skill 2

Well, that’s an introduction, a few tips on using and combos that can be used from this new Mage/Fighter hero. Continue this article to Build Items Guinevere Hurts.

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