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Guide Granger Mobile Legends the Painful Marksman!

Hi Mobile Legends players, we have the arrival of this new Marksman hero, Granger. This hero has a very sick critical attack like Lesley and Clint.

For those who remember the early season of ML, this hero skill has similarities to Clint. To make you good at playing with this hero, you certainly need the right Build Granger and make it even more invincible.

But before that, let’s get to know the hero first and learn how to guide Granger.

Granger’s Skills

Guide granger skills

If you don’t know it, you don’t love it, this time we will first explain Granger’s Skill from passive to ultimate.

Passive Skill: Caprice


Granger is not a marksman hero who relies on attack speed. This hero can load up to 6 bullets. Because 6 is a lucky number, every sixth shot will deal Critical Damage. Granger gains half the Attack Speed ​​of Equipment or Emblems.

Skill 1: Rhapsody


Granger fires with all the bullets forward. Each bullet deals 30(+70% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies.

Skill 2: Rondo


Granger will blink in the specified direction, and the next 2 basic attacks will deal 10% additional damage. Every time the bullet hits the opponent’s hero, this skill CD will decrease by 0.4 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Death Sonata

Death sonata

Granger turns his violin into a rifle and fills it with 3 Super Bullets. In the next 4 seconds, Granger will fire a Super Bullet in the specified direction. Super Bullet will only focus on the opponent’s hero.

When it hits the first enemy hero, the Super Bullet will explode and deal 150(+100% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to nearby enemies and slow them down by 80%. Granger moved quite a distance using this skill.

Tips for Using Granger

Hero Granger is still not released on SE Asia servers, so many don’t know how to use it yet. Therefore, Dafunda Game will provide tips on using Granger and general things that you should pay attention to.

Watch Granger Bullets

Tips granger 1

Even though Granger is a marksman hero, you can’t use it to shoot continuously. This hero’s passive skill allows you to only issue 6 bullets. After that, there will be a time lag to reload about 3 seconds.

Because of this, you should always pay attention to the remaining bullets you have. Make sure to have all 6 bullets when you want to attack enemy heroes. You can also use all active skills to reduce the cooldown of this hero’s passive skill.

Skill 1 for Cicil or Push

Tips granger 2

You can use Granger’s 1st skill to repay the opponent’s blood. By removing all the bullets, the opponent will feel afraid especially the last shot will be accompanied by Critical Damage.

In addition, because of the fast time when doing skills, Rhapsody is also suitable for those of you who like to push. In addition, this skill 1 can still be used when the bullet runs out. So, it is very suitable for juke the opponent’s hero.

Skill 2 for Enemy Hero or Run

Tips granger 3

Skill 2 Granger can make the hero dash and get an additional 10% Damage. Use Rondo when you have 2 bullets left, so that during the second basic attack, Critical Damage will be added to the effect of the skill that makes it more painful.

In addition, because the body of the MM hero is usually fragile, also use Skill 2 to escape.

Ultimate Skill: Death Sonata Definitely Savage

Tips granger 4

Death Sonata is a very deadly skill with great damage. From the start of the game, make sure you use it properly. The distance from this Super Bullet shot is very far so, you can be a hero who finishes off your opponent at the last second.

A large damage area allows you to kill 4, even five enemy heroes. Of course it’s time for Savage!

Combo Granger

Well, now we go into the session on how to use the Granger attack combo. This marksman hero is perfect for killing 1 enemy or even all at once. Check out the combo below.

Combo Against 1 Enemy

To do a combo against one enemy, you have to pay off the enemy’s blood using 4 Basic Attack bullets first. When 2 bullets are left, use Skill 2 to dash towards the enemy and fire Basic Attack with Critical Damage.

Then continue with Skill 1, when your bullets run out, Rhapsody will reload and fire 6 bullets at once. Usually with just this alone, the enemy is dead. If the enemy is still alive and trying to run, kill him with an Ultimate Skill from a distance. Here’s the order:

Basic Attack > Skill 2 > Basic Attack > Skill 1 > Ultimate

Combo Clash

Earlier we discussed killing an opponent’s hero, but what about during a clash or war? The habits of players who use marksman heroes who have long-range ultimates like Layla choose to use them to steal Kill. However, Granger is more suitable to be used to repay the opponent’s HP.

Let your team’s Tank or Initiator advance. Because you are an MM, the most ideal position is behind. Immediately use Death Sonata to repay the HP hero who is struggling in front while moving forward. Then dash using Skill 2 to approach the opponent’s hero, fire Basic Attack and end with Skill 1. If your opponent’s HP is dying, let the Fighter or Assassin finish it. If sorted it will be like this:

Ultimate > Skill 2 > Basic Attack > Skill 1

So that’s the Granger Mobile Legends Guide for those of you who want to learn to play this new Marksman. Continue this article to Sick Granger Item Build.

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