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Gintama's first smartphone game adaptation

A series will definitely not be complete until it gets a game adaptation in smartphones. Famous series like To Love-Ru and Shokugeki no Souma have got their respective games, even a series Fate draining and torturing the wallets of many people with the game entitled Fate/Grand Orderand this time it’s the turn of the series shonen famous and most popular in the comedy genre series. Who doesn’t know about the comedy genre series which is the most hilarious and invites a lot of laughter that even makes your stomach hurt from laughing while watching this one series? Yes, the series is Gintama. This time Gintama will also get a Smartphone game adaptation. Sure enough, this is the first smartphone game to get from the anime series Gintama this.

gintama-smartphone-game-1-DAFUNDA15th issue of the weekly magazine Shonen Jump just announced on Monday that a game titled Gintama Kabukichou Daikatsugeki will be released soon to owners smartphone Android and iOS. Bandai Namco will produce this game that reads free to play. This game will have story mode and players can complete quest with 5 other characters from the world Gintama. This game will have settings in Kabukicho, settings main series Gintama.

Each player you can play with will have 4 skills that you can use in RPG-based battles, as well as combined attacks with other characters.

gintama-smartphone-game-3-DAFUNDA gintama-smartphone-game-4-DAFUNDAThe game’s official website announced on Monday that the beta testing for players the Android version will start soon, but they haven’t announced the exact date yet. But at least, it is known that Bandai Namco Entertainment will release the game this year.

Anime Gintama just celebrated his 10th birthday, and season their fourth will expire at the end of this month. Sorachi already said that manga hers will enter final arc this year, although he doesn’t know for sure if manga will be completed this year or next year.

gintama-smartphone-game-2-DAFUNDAIn one of the old episodes, Gintoki and his friends once discussed about BanName who have trouble making games for Gintama because they don’t have hisssatsu waza, or super moves. But in fact, several games for this series have also been released for the Play Station 2 console.