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Get to know Uranus, the Hero Tank who is hard to die in Mobile Legends

Dafunda Game – The long awaited update will finally happen on Tuesday tomorrow. Because Mobile Legends will release a new hero that has a Regen/Poke specialty. The hero is named Uranus who is told that he is one of the guards of the Celestial Palace, where the shelter of the gods in the form of land floats above the Land of Dawn.

And here are the skills he has:

  • Radiance (Passive): Uranus absorbs energy generated from attacks aimed at him, to strengthen himself, dealing 3-10 HP per second, for each stack for 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times. The number of stacks that can be collected will increase to a stack on a level, and a stack on a level.
  • Ionic Orbit (skill 1): Uranus releases 2 energy spheres orbiting around it, dealing 125(+30% total masgic power) magic damage to enemies, while reducing their physical attack and magic power by 15%, and their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Each stack of Radiance will increase the damage dealt by 3%. Each energy sphere can only deal damage once to the same target
  • Transcendent Ward (skill 2): ​​Uranus produces a shield of energy that can absorb damage up to 400 (+ 200% toral magic power) for 4 seconds, and gives him immunity to slow effects, and increases his movement speed by 30%. When destroyed or when the time is up, this shield will deal 300(+150% total magic power) magic damage
  • Consecration (Ultimate): Uranus releases the energy that has been stored in his body to immobilize the targeted opponent’s hero, dealing 150(+80 total magic power) magic damage, and collecting 6 stacks of Radiance. After immobilizing the enemy for a while, Uranus will pull himself and the target closer, dealing 300(+160% total magic power) magic damage.

Well, Dafunda Games friends, that’s what you need to know about Uranus in Mobile Legends. And you can have this hero later for a price of 32 thousand BP or 599 diamonds.

Some Screenshots about Uranus heroes.

Uranus 1

Uranus 2