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Finally, Whatsapp Free Forever for you

Whatsapp free forever, the instant chat service is still confused about how they get the benefits. Relying on 1 dollar per year of course keeps them profitable, but not always this method will continue to make Whatsapp want to be used by everyone. Julybe for fear of missing users, now Whatsapp can be used for free.

Then, how can they benefit? As we all know, chat applications have relied on advertising as their main source of income. I’m afraid this anti-advertising app will do the same thing, don’t worry about it because WhatsApp Chief Executive Officer, Jan Koumthrough Digital-Life-Design (DLD) in Munich (Germany) announced this plan without monitoring using Ads.

“We will stop asking for a subscription fee of Rp 12,000. Right now, we haven’t put in any code to make it happen, but we want to make sure people understand that the plan isn’t related to showing ads inside WhatsApp,” he said.

As said, this chat application will try a new realm in generating the right income. One of them is to get more revenue at enterprise level users.

This step is considered very worthy of appreciation, previously you could indeed use WhatsApp for free for the first year. Then you will pay Rp. 12,000 for the following year and the following again as I discussed in the first paragraph.

The issue of placing advertisements was also dismissed through Jan Koum’s statement, even though with instant messaging application users who are almost 1 billion people this will be an impressive money field with advertising media.

In last September alone, this chat application has been used by 900 million users, and is currently estimated to have grown to 990 million users.

Currently, Koum explained that WhatsApp with its Business-to-consumer Commercial service still has not found a bright spot, as a first step, a trial will be held this year.

“We wanted to build something more usable, where companies, like American Airlines or Bank of America, communicate more efficiently through instant messaging apps,” Koum added.

Even though WhatsApp will focus more on the company, you don’t have to worry. You can still enjoy WhatsApp as usual. But Free forever. How? less interesting what else is this Chat application? move right now! it’s rare to find an app that isn’t premium but doesn’t have ads these days.