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Fate Extra in Adaptation to Anime Next Year

You get a lot of information from AnimeJapan 2022one of which is the important announcement regarding the anime Adaptation of the Game Fate/Extra. This Fate Extra anime will air in 2022.

However, this time something is different. Studio Shaft Take part in the serial production process. While Type-moon and Marvelous still get a place because they are the ones who made the Fate/Extra game. Fate/Stay Night creator, Kinoko Nasu, is back in charge of series composition. then Aruko Waa is trusted (Return) to make the original character design.

Extra Fate

Marvelous Entertainment and Type-Moon released the game Fate/Extra for the Playstation Portable console in Japan in 2010.

The AnimeJapan 2022 event also revealed the presence of the big screen anime film fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel. The good news is this film will be made into a trilogy and will air sometime in 2022.

Preview Anime Fate/Exstra

In the 43 second video, we are only presented with a few scenes. the contents are information about Anime Fate/Extra which will air in 2022. One of them is about Studio Shaft who helped make this anime. Wow, could this Fate series be made into Shaft style?