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Falcon and War Machine Fighting Artwork

Civil War fans are definitely looking forward to the fight between superheroes that will be shown on the big screen in July, and gives a little leak about the fight between two of the many superheroes in the series. Marvel Cinematic Universe. For its initial promotion, the film has focused on the conflict between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), now the conflict will focus on the other heroes.

In fact, Civil War will include several superheroes in one battle, such as the Cap and Black Phanter battle image sets (Chadwick Boseman). Likewise the latest Civil War artwork which shows the battle between The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and War Machines (Don Cheadle) in this film published online.

From a thematic point of view, it makes a number of senses that Falcon and War Machine will specifically meet and face off during events Captain America: Civil War this. These two characters use high-tech equipment and fly with the power of their tools. In addition to being soldiers (Sam Wilson is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, while James Rhodes is an active colonel in the US Military), they also become close friends with the leaders of each of the warring camps. .

Check the Falcon and War Machine battle Artwork below:

falcon-warmachine1-DAFfalcon-warmachine2-DAFThe artwork above shows the two heroes not only fighting, but showing off some of their new weapons that will be featured in Captain America: Civil War. The Falcon, known for its traditional weapons in addition to its mechanical wing abilities, appears to add a three-pronged laser cutter similar to one of the weapons in Iron Man’s hand.

While interesting to see, the intense physical violence seen in Art. Rumors continue to circulate that not all of The Avengers can get out of this civil war safely, especially in the trailer, there is a scene of Iron Man holding the motionless body of a War Machine suffering from a serious blow. In the Civil War comic miniseries itself, Captain America and Black Goliath are on the list of fallen heroes, and as a result many superheroes retire, quit or disappear without a trace.