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Facebook lists ex options in relationship status

In the post a few moments ago we discussed the release of a new feature released by Facebook. The last feature addition was the addition of a Facebook profile video that could upload a video with a maximum duration of 7 seconds as a Facebook profile photo (Read: Facebook will add new features again).

Facebook is getting updates again, what’s new in giving this update? Before we discuss the addition of the new tool provided by Facebook, we will discuss what the relationship status is in our detailed information on Facebook, of course you are one of the users of that status. Whether it’s single, dating, married and so on. Then in this post, we focus a little on the status and the addition of the tools provided in the expired status option, aka EX.

This Facebook update brings a tool that will appear an update when Relationship ends. Then how does it work? This tool only appears when the Relationship ends. what is meant by “just show up”you will be given settings about how you are with si ex- in the world of Facebook.

If you still don’t understand, we will discuss in general language about this new tool added by Facebook. This tool is intended so that you and your ex have a choice in this stool when your relationship ends. Then what choices are given by Facebook? You will be given a choice in the tool in the form of a choice about showing the ex’s New Fees so that your homepage appears or not without having to “unfriend”, as well as the ex’s choice about you.

So, you can stay friends on Facebook with your ex without having to “unfriend” them, because you can make their posts not appear on your homepage. Julybe the addition of this tool is given so that we can remain friends without having to unfriend because the impression is a bit harsh, but we can choose whether the post will appear from both parties or not.

How about you? Are you reluctant to hide your ex’s posts?