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Episode 11 BokuMachi Changed A lot, Japanese Fans Disappointed

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi just finished broadcasting its 11th episode, and many fans were taken aback by A-1 Pictures. A studio that is well known for its adaptations ‘originalanimeThis one has once again changed the story by trimming some pretty important parts of the story manga-his.


Indeed we can all understand compressing 8 volumes manga into 12 episodes it’s not an easy task, some cuts that we can understand that A-1 had to do during the runtime of this film. We all know, and some people will also think that 12 episodes is too short to cover all the stories of this manga alone, and it is also certain that some of you and myself are also hoping that A-1 will broadcast an OVA. or maybe movie as the conclusion of the story BokuMachi this.

But, it turns out that this great cut happened at the end of the story, and because of the cut many of his fans were disappointed because of this, and they also left comments that were quite convincing in their disappointment.

Here are some netizens regarding this 11th episode:

  • “Ooooooiiiiii, why are you like this?!”
  • “This is the fastest anime I’ve ever seen.”
  • “It’s cut here anyway, but what can I do…”
  • “What’s the original…?”
  • “Too much has changed, so disappointing!”
  • “At this rate Airi won’t be a heroine, just a mob chara then.”


Not all of them think that this trimming of some of the anime’s stories has disappointed some fans. There are also some others who also argue that this change in scenario makes them more interested in following the ending of the anime-his.

As from some of the comments below:

  • “I’ve read the manga but the anime makes it interesting!”
  • “Their innovation to the end makes it very interesting!”

Indeed, if we look at the anime side only, the adaptation of BokuMachi cannot be underestimated. This anime is still quite fun to follow, and the twist in episode 11 is indeed a double-edged sword. You can make manga readers angry because they don’t follow the original story, or surprise them because they didn’t expect it.


Where are you at? Disappointing or interesting?

Give your comment!