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Eddie Redmayne's Silly Reaction When Reading Hater's Tweets

Film Les Miserablesmaking the figure of a young actor, Eddie Redmayne almost always become the attention of film lovers, especially when a classy award event is about to take place.

In the past two years, Eddie is noted to have starred in four feature films. latest movie, Danish Girleven predicted to return to win the Best Actor category at the 2022 Oscars.

Well, before it all started, Eddie had appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show in early July. On that occasion, he was asked to read an insulting tweet from one of his haters on Twitter.

Instead of commenting on Eddie’s acting, the tweet talked about his nose. The hater felt that Eddie Redmayne’s nose was very unsightly.

eddie radmayne hater“Eddie Redmayne looks like someone who is trying to wipe his nose but can’t do it perfectly. I also think that he looks like a dehydrated person,” the hater wrote in his tweet.

After reading it, Eddie’s face immediately looked like he was about to cry and was dehydrated. The silly expression with a few funny scenes was deliberately made by Eddie to attract the audience’s laughter. “That’s true, I’m dehydrated,” he joked.

Before starring The Danish GirlEddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his role as the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in the biopic drama entitled The Theory of Everything.