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Drew Barrymore having a pokemon party in Los Angeles

It’s rare to hear a famous artist will hold a party themed with children’s shows like Pokemon. But that’s just what Drew BarrymoreHollywood artist who threw a Pokemon themed party in penthouse Sunset Tower Hotels in Los Angeles.

Celebrating 20 years franchise Pokemon, the brand is already widely circulated in America like they took over the world of Japanese children 20 years ago. In the party, of course, there are many smelly knick-knacks Pokemonranging from cakes, room decorations, Pikachu dolls, to human-sized Pikachu dolls for visitors who want to take pictures together.

When asked why he held the event, he replied:

As someone who’s been on the red carpet for life, or whatever it’s called – let’s get back to fun and freedom of expression. I think many magazines and bloggers have done that. We live in an era that is looking for fun again.

I’m a mother, and I want an icon that depicts children. I like happy things, and Pokemon are happy. They’re not associated with anything other than fun, and I don’t want anything dark and spooky. I want colorful and fun things


The party visitors came via invitations sent by Barrymore himself. The party is also not required to be closed like a party Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party last year conducted by RageOn. Julybe because Barrymore doesn’t charge entrance fees like what RageOn does.