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Dreams Official Release Schedule and Poster

Who doesn’t know a young singer Fatin Shidqia Lubis, fans of the 2013 X Factor winner now have some great news. First feature film starring Fatin, dreams, will be released in national theaters soon. Production house Tower Pictures recently launched the official poster dreams, while at the same time confirming the release date of this film, which is on July 10, 2022.

dreams-film-debut-fatin-make sure-release-date

Film Dreams itself has started production since mid-2015 under the direction of Guntur Soeharjanto with a script written Syamsul Hadi. The film also has several promotional materials that have been distributed since the end of the year, such as the song soundtrack “Away” Fatin’s which has been widely screened on radios, as well as the trailer for the film which was released last December. The second soundtrack song entitled “Believe” was also officially released earlier this year.

This film will tell the life of Fatin, a talented young woman in the field of singing or singing in order to achieve her dreams. His friends also support Fatin’s dream by looking for various ways so that Fatin’s voice can be channeled into the ears of many people. However, Fatin’s love for singing also has an impact on his life as a school teenager, as well as on his relationship with his father.

“This is a family film that not only tells the story of the passion to realize dreams, but also contains friendship and family bonds, especially between father and daughter. In addition, the presence of this film can be an awaited ‘gift’ for all Fatin fans, “said Widya Wardhani Ichram, producer dreams, in its official statement.

Film Dreams also co-starring Mathias Muchus, Morgan Oey, Ardina Rasti, Fauzi Baadilla, Jodhy ‘Super Bejo’, Ade Irawan, Inez Tagor, and featuring a newcomer band Krosboy. While waiting for the film to be released, take a look at Dreams’ latest trailer and soundtrack with the title ‘Believe’ in the music video below.