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Creative, A Modder Creates Boruto Skin in Mobile Legends

Moonton, who doesn’t know this game developer. Success with the MOBA game, Mobile Legends, has made him one of the best developers today. Recently, there was a scene with the appearance of the Boruto anime character skin in the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, this appearance makes many gamers wonder how the Mobile Legends game has an anime skin. Even though Moonton has never officially released any skins or anime characters in the game.

Survey From Moonton

Surfer Moonton
Moonton Survey | Gamebrot

Before the Boruto skin character appeared in Mobile Legends, Moonton conducted a survey to gamers regarding what anime they liked. With this survey, gamers hope to see the anime they like in Mobile Legends.

In this survey, there are many anime that gamers can choose from, such as Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, and many more. However, the survey, which has existed since 2022, has not received a response from Moonton himself.

Boruto Mobile Legends Skin Appears

Anime Boruto
Anime Boruto | Narutopedia

Junebe because he was annoyed or impatient, the Mobile Legends gamer with the nickname “FZLY” made his own anime character skin. It appears in an Instagram video that the player creates and uses a Boruto skin in playing. This character skin is the result of a mod from the character Harrit. For the ability of this Boruto skin in Mobile Legends including Mage, this skin can bring up a rasengan just like the anime.

Boruto Mobile Legends Skin Gameplay

Making a Boruto skin is considered a cheat because it has succeeded in changing the content in the game. So it is very likely that players will be permanently banned. Even so, the results of this character skin mod look very cool and the gameplay is slick.

By seeing this, it seems that Moonton has to make an anime skin as soon as possible from the survey that has been around since 2022. Or it makes more sense to collaborate with the Boruto skin maker to join the development team to create other anime skins. Until now, there has been no official response from Moonton regarding the viral skin mod of this anime.

It will be interesting for us to wait for the continuation of the project for making anime skins in this Mobile Legends game. What do you think? Don’t forget to comment, and keep visiting Dafunda Game to get other interesting information about the game world.