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Cool Ways to Change Google Pages Like Star Wars

What would it be like if you could change the style or look of Google like the most epic Space Movie Ending of all time, that is Star wars. Yup, Google always seems to give a surprise. Having previously provided a star wars themed account personalization feature to their service users. Now Google also provides a look like Star Wars on their Search Page.

Indeed, Google itself is famous for often providing humorous programs into its search engine, the program is named “Easter Egg” which has been implemented in various forms. Including this Star wars program.

How can I get or see Easter Eggs working for Star Wars? quite easy, all you need to do is type a sentence a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and look at the results! roughly – will be as shown in the image below:

Star wars in Google

As you can see, once you type the sentence “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” in the search field, a Slider with Google search results themed in black and written in yellow will continue to run like the Star Wars Opening and Credits from the Space Film. Little Knowledge, Sentence “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” Is a sentence that always appears at the opening of the film.

Previously Google had also given orders with the same method, namely Easter Egg but with a different function. Want to know? try Type in the Google search field “Do a barrel Roll” and see what happens. The Google page will automatically do a pretty unique play. You can try it right now