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Confused To Get Down Fast in Apex Legends? Here's the Solution

Apex Legends, a game with a Battle Royale concept but with a little Titanfall feel to it. This game has succeeded in attracting a lot of gamers in the world and in Indonesia.

Talking about Apex Legends, have you ever thought about jumping in quickly, but didn’t know how? For that, we from Dafunda Game will provide 3 Tips For Landing Fast in Apex Legends.

Tips for Landing Fast in Apex Legends

1. Always Calculate the Distance

Tips for fast dive in apex legends

So that you can jump quickly, then you must always take into account the distance. In addition, the distance that you will occupy must not be more than 400m.

2. Avoid High Cliffs

Quick jump tips in apex legends 2

The second tip is that you should always avoid the cliffs in Apex Legends. This was done to avoid changes in speed when getting off the plane.

3. Always Play Speed

Tips for fast dive in apex legends 3

This mechanism is divided into 3, namely:

Build speed (by plunging straight to the surface in a few seconds).

Pull back up (pull the direction slightly opposite to the direction of the destination).


Every time you get off the plane, you must always pay attention to the speedmeter on the screen to find out the speed when you get off.

Now, Those are the Tips to Get Down Fast in Apex Legends. Look forward to our various Apex Legends tips only at Dafunda Game. Don’t forget to always support us by sharing this article with your friends.