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Clash Royale Tournament is Coming Soon!!

Latest games from Supercell reaping success since it was first released on July 2, 2022, this game company is also preparing to hold its first tournament Clash Royale which will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

To quote a report from Supercell forumthe first official tournament Clash Royale it will be held on the 16th of July next month with the location of the venue in Herttoniemi, near the subway.

Although the place and date of the tournament have been determined, Supercell has not determined the schedule for this tournament. However, if reviewed, most likely this tournament will be held at 16:00-20:00 local time.

Like most online games, this tournament will start with a preliminary round which gives permission for everyone present in the location to take part in the tournament. Then, the top eight people from the preliminaries will battle each other in the final round on stage live.

Just information, Clash Royale is a game real-time multiplayer which displays a number of characters from CoC (Clash of Clans). Even with the same character, gameplay of these two games are much different.