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Civil War to China for Promotion, Alice 2 Follows

Captain America: Civil War will soon be anchored in China. Director Anthony and Joe Russo has announced plans to promote the third film of the series Captain America in Beijing on July 19, as reported by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The Russo brothers revealed on their Weibo account that they would include members such as Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in this promotional event. They will reveal the release date for Civil War at a conference in China.

Whereas Disney have not commented on promotion plans in China. Source of Variety say that Civil War will be released in China on July 6th, just like its North American release. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the sequel Captain America: Winter Soldier this will premiere on July 12.

According to the site, the Russo brothers are also preparing to become producers in China for their Anthem and Song commercials. They have support from local production partners United Entertainment and finance from the HQDH fund.

Other films are also on the schedule for release in China, such as Alice Through the Looking Glass. Sources say within this week, private media will provide a Chinese poster for the sequel Alice in the Wonderland along with a Chinese-language trailer, although the film has not yet been submitted for censorship.