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Build Kaja Mobile Legends Support Hero Kidnapper!

Kaja is a Support hero who is very suitable for harras and ganks. His skills are mostly area type. But to be able to play like professionals, of course you need a Kaja Build item to help your team win.

Previously, Dafunda Game had provided Guide Kaja for those of you who are new to this hero. In this article, we also provide some tips when using this hero. But, to support the game, we have prepared for you the best Kaja item builds. Check out his review below.

Build Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja is a support hero whose job is to help the team. The ultimate skill is really for ganging and kidnapping the opponent’s hero, plus this item can be in sync with the skills you have. Therefore, here are the recommended items that we can provide for the Kaja build.

Wizard Boots

Wizard boots

This item gives Kaja an additional 300 points of HP. This passive item is also useful for farming, which is just for support and looking for assists. Every time this hero assists, he will get an additional 80 gold.

Fleeting Time

Fleeting time

The second item that Kaja can have is Fleeting Time. This magic item adds 70 magic power and reduces the cooldown by 10%. Moreover, the passive ability of this item can reduce the ultimate cooldown by 35%, if you calculate Kaja’s ulti which should be 60 seconds, it can turn into 35 seconds after this hero gets a kill or assist.

Courage Bulwark

Courage bulwark

Kaja is indeed a hero who needs a Tank item as well as a CD deduction. Courage Bulwark is a very suitable item for Kaja. This item increases the HP attribute by 770 and reduces 10% of CD.

This item has two passive abilities, the first can add 10% attack and defense to your teammates. The second minion team around you will get additional defense from turret damage.

In addition, it is one of two items that can be activated. Movement speed will increase by 30%, plus physical and magic damage will increase by 20%.

Athena’s Shield

Athenas shield

For Athena’s Shield itself, it will add 900 blood, 56 magic resistance and 20 HP regen. This item will also create a shield that absorbs up to 1150 damage, so it’s suitable for yolo-type Kaja.

Antique Cuirass

Antique quirass

Antique Cuirass adds 920 HP points and 30 HP regen. Armor of heroes who use this item will also increase by 54 points.



The thing that is really needed when you become a ganker and initiator is to come back to life. Yep, this item can revive Kaja after death and restore 15% of his blood.

Kaja Emblem Set

build kaja mobile legends Custom support emblem Avarice

Because it is a Support hero, of course the build set of the Kaja emblem used is the Custom Support Emblem with the Avarice talent set.

Battle Spell Kaja

After that, you also have to determine what build spell to use to help you win the match with Kaja. The following battle spells are suitable for use:



When activating the Sprint battle spell, your hero’s movement speed will increase very high. This spell is very useful when you do ganker combined with skill 2.



You want to open a war suddenly? Flicker is very suitable as a battle spell. You can blink towards the opponent you want to kidnap, use the ultimate skill to bind him and bring the enemy towards your friends.

What is your opinion about this Kaja Mobile Legends Build?

These are the build items, battle spells and emblem sets that are suitable for use by Kaja as a Support/Semi-Tank hero. But, you should also know this weakness and hero counter Kaja anything that can beat you.