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Ben Affleck Leaks A Little Batman Character

Latest trailer Batman v Superman it does not provide detailed instructions regarding the characteristics of Bruce Wayne, who is played by in the film Ben Affleck. The new known Batman character appears in a darker version in The Dark Knight arable Christopher Nolan. Now, Batman is back in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Different actors have different character traits. How about Ben Affleck’s version of Batman?

The actor knows how much the audience’s curiosity is, therefore, he also divulges a little of the Batman character he plays.

Christopher Nolan portrays Batman to tell a limited story. My version this time is different, but still holds the general mythology of Batman and the things associated with it,” said Ben Affleck to Studio Cine Livea French magazine.

According to Affleck the main difference is the Batman version Nolan is a Batman who doesn’t live in a world full of superpowers. “For this latest we built a story in anticipation Justice League, besides Superman this world is filled with superhuman powers. It inevitably forms a new reality,” added the actor who has played a Marvel superhero, Daredevil the.

Bruce Wayne Nolan’s version grows into a character who can be said to be successful in dealing with his past problems. This is not owned by Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. “The new film will depict more of Bruce Wayne’s playboy action. He lives a life of luxury, he seduces many women, collects many luxury cars, often party. He did it to fill the void in his heart,” Affleck said.

The story of Bruce Wayne’s past also influences this Batman character, it makes him sensitive to justice, and seeking justice makes Batman full of frustration and anger.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder. This film will show the fight between Batman and Superman. In addition to Ben Affleck, this film will star Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Amy Adamsand Jesse Eisenberg. Batman v Superman scheduled for release in July next year.