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Beauty and the Best, 'Beautiful Face Brain Dodol' is Wrong!

Latest movies from MD Pictures will be released in theaters on July 31. This movie is titled Beauty and the Best. Beauty and the Best itself is a film adapted from a best-selling novel Luna Torashyngu which was published in 2006. The trailer for this film has been uploaded on Youtube since mid-July and has been watched 116 thousand times.

Beauty and the Best tells about Ira’s life (Andania Suri), a high school student as well as a model who has a boyfriend who is a rich guy. Even though he looks perfect, there are still flaws in him, namely scores with low averages and often dropping, especially at the end of high school.

Because of that, Ira accepts a betting challenge from Kelly, the smartest student in her school, and makes it proof that the statement “a pretty face doesn’t match the brain” is wrong.

Her friends thought it was impossible, but Ira was indifferent and stuck with her stance. In various ways he tries to win his battle with Kelly, he turns to Aldo, a strange guy who has no friends, but is very smart. At first Aldo did not want to help Ira, but in the end Aldo gave up on one condition, namely no modeling. Ira wants to fulfill her wish to let everyone know, a model also competes with thousands of other high school graduates and enters her favorite college through a test track with her own abilities and without any interference from other things.

Besides Andania Suri, the film, directed by Andri Sofyansyah, also stars several newcomers. Just say it Chelsea Sania, Agatha Valerie, and Maxima Bouttier.

Watch movie trailers beauty and the Beast below this.