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Batman v Superman Communion Video Shows Justice League Enemies

Basically, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice box office success, Warner Bros. released a scene that was removed from the film, and became director’s cut version. Jesse Eisenberg who played Lex Luthor became the main focus in the clip entitled ‘Communion’.

This 44 second video begins with a group of SWAT soldiers attacking a Kryptonian ship where it contains a giant alien group and everything starts to disappear. Lex, who is half submerged in a goop pool, is seen making alliances with aliens. When he came to his senses, Luthor knew he was surrounded.

Demonic Alien bears a great deal of resemblance to Darksied Big Baddie’s General Steppenwolf in Justice League. The restrained gray box could become a powerful tool used by the new gods for teleportation, mind control, and weaponry.

This video serves as a kind of introduction to Apokolpips, the planet where Darksied came from. Full scenes from this video will be included in R-rated director’s cut from movies. Titled ‘Ultimate Edition, it will feature an additional 30 minutes of footage that will be released after the film runs.

“We call it Ultimate Cut because for me it goes deeper into the world and there is a plot that can be made into a long version,” said Zack Snyder to Collider. “I’d say we’re just going to take as little Superman/Batman story as needed, it’s going to be kind of a movie, but there’s something interesting going around the story, it’s going to sort out some of the ideas that are going to be redeveloped, and that’s what you’re going to get.”