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Apex Legends Will Hold Twitch Streamer Tournament with 2.7 Billion Prizes!

Just released a few days ago, Apex Legends immediately made a splash by holding a streaming tournament on the Twitch platform with a total prize pool of 2.7 billion.

The tournament will be held for 2 days in June. In addition, there will be 48 streamers who will compete for the prize on June 12 and 19, 2022.


In addition, there are already several streamers who will participate in this tournament, namely Guy”Dr DisRespect“Beahm, Jeremy”Toast Disguised“Wang, and Michael”shroud“Grzesiek.

This tournament will be divided into 16 teams with 3 people in each team. Each team will have to stream on the Twitch platform and try to be the best.

Source: Twitch