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Apex Legends Officially Available on Origin for Free

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment launch today Apex Legendsthe free-to-play battle royale shooter is now available on Origin for PC. Set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends aims to shake up the battle royale genre with a number of unique charactergameplay based squadroninnovative mechanics, and more.

Apex Legends promises to deliver a squadron-based combat experience with a unique Respawn feel. Players will choose one of eight legendseach with their own unique abilities and playstyle.

Teamwork Will Determine Victory In The Game

Combatants can choose from unique characters like Bloodhound, a tracker who can spot enemy activity, or a Lifeline battlefield medic who can protect teammates and bring them back from the brink of death. A balanced squad and teamwork is very important, as every legend easy to play and learn, but difficult to master.

Drew McCoy, Principal Producer for Apex Legends, said:

Our goal in every game that players play is players come with a plan but players leave with a story. We built games that would not only provide a fun and memorable experience at launch, but something we could continue to develop for a long time to come.


As the press release went, Apex Legends featured some of the new genre’s leading innovations, starting before players even started a match. Once players are ready to start, they will choose their drop point with the Jumpmaster system, giving each squad complete control over where they fall.

Respawn Beacons That Can Revive Defeated Allies

Apex Legends also provides Respawn Beaconsa one-time use location where defeated teammates can reviveda contextual Ping communication system that lets players summon enemies, weapons, locations and more with the press of a button, and a smart inventory system that automatically attaches gear and gear to the appropriate weapon once the player picks it up.

All together create a battle experience unlike any other, complete with Respawn’s commitment to quality and best fun.