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Apex Legends Mobile Release Mid 2022?

For some people who like FPS games, you must be familiar with a game called Apex Legends. Yes, the game currently has quite a lot of fans, especially from battle royale fans. After the official release for Nintendo Switch, now Apex Legends is rumored to be released for mobile.

According to information that circulated recently, it was said that the game would hit the smartphone platform in mid-2022. However, are these rumors true? For more details, you should refer to the following discussion.

Apex Legends Will Release to Mobile Mid this Year

Apex Legends Mobile Release
Apex Legends | Pinterest

The popularity of Apex Legends is currently at its peak. The Battle Royale game made by Respawn Entertainment has been rumored for a long time to be going to the mobile platform. However, the problem at that time was still only a rumor and the truth was still gray.

But not for now, the news regarding the release of Apex Legends for mobile seems to have come to light. Because the CEO of EA named Blake Jorgensen continues to reveal that the mobile version of the game will be released in 3 to 4 months.

So it is certain that Apex Legends will go to mobile in the middle of this year. That is in June or June 2022. Of course this is quite encouraging news for some gamers, especially mobile gamers.

Release on Switch June 2022

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch 3
Apex Legend| Respawn

As for the Nintendo Switch itself, Respawn and EA have announced that this game will be available for Nintendo Switch next month. However, the exact date has not yet been determined, because there has been no official confirmation from the developer and publisher.

The details that have now been revealed are only the size of Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch. The installation size of Apex Legends on the Switch will require at least 30GB of space. The size is exactly the same as the size of Apex Legends on PC.

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