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Ant Man's Story Will Make More Sense with the Help of Scientists

When many film watchers and audiences criticize a film for being unscientific and unreasonable, organizations Science and Entertainment Excange funded by a non-profit organization National Academy of Sciences in Los Angeles, United States trying to provide a way out of the problem.

Through organization Science and Entertainment Excangefilmmakers or storytellers who encounter scientific problems about the story they are about to develop will be given access to a scientist or expert in the field related to the film’s story.

“If there’s something ‘wrong’ with a screenplay, it’s usually the screenwriter who puts aside how science has evolved. They write something they think is futuristic, but it’s actually not true.” Rick Loverd, Program Director Science and Entertainment Exchangeas quoted The Wall Street Journal.

This organization has more than 2,700 scientists who are ready to provide nests according to the fields they understand. Its members also come from various countries. This organization seeks to provide advice on topics that will be raised in a film. Even exemplified if a film will raise about the iceberg phenomenon in Antarctica, the Science and Entertainment Exchange will connect filmmaker with scientists around Antarctica.

Regarding the goals of this organization, Jessica Caila member of the Science and Entertainment Exchange who is also a psychopharmacologist and consultant for Marvel television series agents of SHIELD, emphasized that this organization is not trying to make Hollywood films into a science-appropriate and boring spectacle. However, they prefer to be a bridge between fantasy and reality, “So that the scientific elements in the film can look realistic,” he explained.

Film Ant-Man is one of the films that consulted with this organization because the director Peyton Reed requires a scientific explanation of the shrinkage process from a quantum mechanical point of view.