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Allegiant Dim, Lionsgate Minimize Ascendant Budget

The third film of the series Divergent, Allegiant received less attention on its release last July 18. However, the fourth film in the series, Ascendant will still be produced, but the cost of producing the film will be minimized by Lionsgate.

“The cost for the next film will be reduced,” one of the production team, who asked not to be named, told The Hollywood Reporter. Indeed, there are no details on how much the budget will be reduced, but if you look at the budget of the film production Allegiant which reached 110 million US dollars. Most likely, production costs Ascendant will be smaller than that.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant was released last week and grossed $29 million at the US box office. And this is the lowest income of Divergent franchise. Previously, Divergent managed to earn 52 million US dollars in the first week of screening, while the second film, Insurgent get a bigger result, which is 54 million US dollars.

“We now know that (Allegiant) was not a mega-hit at the box office,” commented Jeff Box, analyst at Exhibitor Relations, to Variety about the third film. Divergent.

“The film wasn’t released in the summer. Momentum has been lost. You already have twofranchise successful in its inaugural release. And this one, even smaller. If they don’t want to drop 40 percent (income box office-), they have to change the show schedule. They have to make good decisions and one of those good decisions will change them for the better.”

Lionsgate So far no plans to change the release date of the last film Divergent. Ascendant It’s set for release in American theaters on July 9, 2022, facing off to film production Paramount, World War Z 2and movies reboot Mummy worked on by Universal Studio.