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Aisyah's Official Film Trailer: Let Us Be Brothers

Famous actress Laudya Cynthia Bella will be back on the big screen with his latest film, Aisyah: Let us be brothers. In this film, Bella will be an elementary school teacher in the border area, to be precise in Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara.

Ahead of its release in theaters on July 19, the production house of Film One finally released its official trailer recently. In the 2 minute 18 second video, it more or less describes the premise presented in the film directed by Herwin Novianto (Land of Heaven… He said) this.

This film tells the story of Aisyah (Bella) from West Java who takes on a teaching assignment in Atambua. The majority of Atambua residents are Catholic, not only do they have to face infrastructure and cultural difficulties, but they also get rejection from several people, including his own students, because he is a Muslim.

aisyah-DAFThe film, which is known to have started production at the end of 2015, takes place directly in Atambua and several areas in Bandung, West Java. This film again adds to the row of titles that make Bella the main character, after starring in the highest-grossing film last year, Unmissable Heaven and comedy movies Triple Divorce which also got satisfactory results when it was released last July.

Besides Bella, this film also stars senior actresses, Lydia Kandou and some famous comics, such as Arie Kriting and Ultimate Ge. This film also features local actors from NTT, two of whom are also named in this trailer, namely Dionysius Rivaldo Moruk and Agung Isha Almasie Benu.

While waiting for the release, watch the trailer first Aisyah: Let us be brothers below this.