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8 Scariest Anime Episodes Ever

If you are an anime fan, you must be familiar with Yami Shibai. Yami Shibai is a horror story from Japan. This horror story is made into an anime. Different from ordinary anime, this drawing from animer Yami Shibai uses the Kamishibai gaua, which is telling stories using pictures on paper. So this anime is made as if you are looking at pictures on stacked paper which makes this anime even more spooky.

In addition to this way of drawing, Yami Shibai is also known for its short duration, ranging from 3-5 minutes. But the horror is not in question. This time we will share 8 episodes of the scariest Yami Shibai anime. Dare to watch it?

The Talisman Woman

Tells the story of a young man who has just moved into an apartment and is disturbed by the behavior of the woman across from his unit. As the name suggests, the amulet woman, in the room of the young man’s house, is given amulets. Unable to stand the treatment, he pulled out all the amulets in his house. As a result a frightening figure began to appear in his room.


Do you often deal with printers or copiers? After watching this episode, maybe you’ll never hold it again. This episode is about an employee who works overtime at a school. While shooting the film, the machine jammed. Soon the machine was back to normal, but after seeing the results appeared pictures like hair. out of curiosity. He checked the machine, he was surprised because in his scanner there was a pile of hair. Not only that, a scary figure with long hair appears at the end of this story.

Wall Woman

Have you ever liked someone but didn’t have the courage to say it? Be careful not to stalk often. Who knows he will catch you watching him. You don’t know what that woman can do, do you? What if he turns out to be like this episode?


You should be wary if you hear about a place that can grant your wish. Because he could demand back and ask for something impossible from you. Like the story of a girl in this episode. He loves his senior, then asks a locker to smooth out his relationship. Apparently, when he saved his senior’s photo, the ghost figure actually swallowed the senior.

Capsule Toy Machine

What would you do if there was a capsule machine that could help you get back what you lost in the past? Definitely exciting. But, would you still want it if it had to be paid for with the life you have?

The Overhead Rack

Do not carelessly take other people’s belongings left in vehicles or public places. It could be that the item has an “Owner”! Who knows the item was used to find sacrifices, like the story of a young man who took a package containing a novel on the top shelf of a train. It turned out to be a book that later made him a sacrifice. Still dare to pick up people’s things that are left behind? Be careful, who knows it’s a ritual to sacrifice you!


You know the Matryoshka doll? It’s a Russian doll that when you open it has another doll inside. In this episode it turns out that it contains the spirit of a madman, that’s why the dolls in this Matryoshka have different facial expressions.

The Next Floor

Be careful if you take the elevator alone. Who knows this elevator will take you to another floor that you don’t know. It’s still better if it’s on a regular floor, what if this elevator takes you to a secret floor that contains ghosts? Like the story told in this episode.

Have you watched all of them? Or just a glimpse? Come on confess. Which episode do you think is the scariest? If there is something more sinister, please share in the comments column.