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7 Most Deadly Hero Mobile Legends and Best Lifesteal

Well this time Dafunda Game will provide some of the deadliest Mobile Legends heroes for you to use against enemies and with the best lifesteal. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the reviews of the best Mobile Legends heroes and the following strong lifesteals.

The Deadliest Mobile Legends Hero with the Best LifeSteal

For those of you who are fans of this one game, it’s not wrong to see some of the strongest mobile legend heroes with the following lifesteals.

1. The Deadliest Mobile Legends Hero: Layla

The Best and Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends Layla

Hero Layla also has a fairly powerful attack speed. Skills ultimate Layla can indeed be relied upon to do kill steals. you can also make a lifesteal item build. So don’t be afraid to run out of blood if you already have the build item.

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2. The Deadliest Mobile Legends Hero: Alucard

The Best and Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends AlucardThe second deadliest Hero Mobile Legends is Alucardthis hero already has the best lifesteal and has Fission Wave (skill 3).

With these skills, you can already rely on which skills are suitable when facing enemies.

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3. The Deadliest Mobile Legends Hero: Argus

Argus Mobile Legends

Hero Argus also often called the hero with the best lifesteal in Mobile Legends. This hero is very often relied on when the team is doing war.

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4. The Deadliest Mobile Legends Hero: Zilong

Zilong Mobile Legends

The strongest Mobile Legends hero with the first best lifesteal is Zilong. This hero is already the strongest in his class or called fighter heroes.

Attack that is owned is quite fast when defeating his enemies. So it is very suitable to use this one hero when fighting in Mobile Legends.

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