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6 Movies That Include the Phenomenon of a Solar Eclipse

The natural phenomenon around is indeed an interesting moment for some people, moreover a solar eclipse is also considered a certain sign for others. The filmmakers of Hollywood and the world, keenly capture the public’s reaction by pouring it into a film.

Several films that show the occurrence of this rare natural event, have quite varied themes. At least, there are six films containing scenes of solar eclipses which are quite interesting to discuss. Some of these films are from well-known franchises, and some are filled by popular actors and actresses.

Then, what are the six films that show this phenomenon in it? Check out the full list below.


The fantasy adventure film Ladyhawke, which was released in 1985, has a moment of a solar eclipse that is quite unique. It is described that the eclipse accompanies the moment when Ladyhawke and his lover can live forever.

The funny thing is, the “eclipse” occurs the day after the full moon. Originally this was impossible because a solar eclipse could only take place during the New Moon. The author was labeled a failure to understand astronomy forever. But there are those who consider the plot to be a miracle.

Even so, the novel story adapted by the author Joan Vingefix the impossible scene.

Lara Croft: Tomb Rider

Angelina Jolie became the main star of the film adaptation of the popular game on this Playstation. The phenomenon of a solar eclipse comes from the plan of The Big Bad organization.

They wanted to unify all kinds of astronomical phenomena from every planet in the solar system, including a solar eclipse.


Director’s film Mel Gibson This story takes the concept of the primitive Julyan civilization in 1511. Various elements of sadistic violence accompany every important scene in Apocalypto.

Apocalypto shows the phenomenon of a solar eclipse when the life of the main character, Jaguar Paw, is on the line when he is on the altar of sacrifice. Paw’s life is saved because the priest interprets the eclipse as a sign that the gods’ thirst for blood has been satisfied. The eclipse in this film is followed by a full moon night.


One of the classic animated films released in 1940, it combines theatrical art with classical and semi-documentary elements. There are various segments in this film.

The segment themed “Rite of Spring” in Fantasia, ends with a catastrophic earthquake accompanied by the formation of a new mountain range. This phenomenon occurs during a solar eclipse.

Naruto Shippuden the Will: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

The Naruto Shippuden anime movie, which was released in 2009, also has a crucial moment when a solar eclipse appears. Even so, the element of fantasy is very thick in this phenomenon.

One of the characters named Hiruko intends to use the power of a solar eclipse to carry out his plan. Finally, Naruto and his friends try to defeat him as the moment of the eclipse draws near.

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

The theme of natural disasters in the film The Day The Earth Caught Fire, involves the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. The fruit of the British filmmaker’s type of science fiction, implicitly displays the phenomenon.

A total solar eclipse occurred over the city of London. In this film, the phenomenon is one of the first indications that the Earth has been moving erratically as a result of a nuclear test.