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5 Recommendations for Mobile Legend Heroes that are Easy to Play by Beginners -

Dafunda Recommendations – You must know a game called Mobile Legends, which in recent years has become one of the most popular MOBA games by gamers in the world. For that, you must be competing to become a pro player by using heroes from Mobile Legend. Therefore we will give 5 Recommendations for Mobile Legend Heroes that are Suitable for Beginners!.

Before going into the topic, we will give a little overview about the mechanism for selecting a mobile legend hero this time. We chose this hero based on the experience we have done using the heroes we recommend later. So if you have other recommendations, please comment below so we can add them to the next list. For that, let’s look together about any mobile legend heroes that are easy to use.

Here are 5 Mobile Legends Heroes that are Easy to Use by Beginners.

1. Layla

Recommendations for Mobile Legend Heroes for Layla BeginnersThis first recommendation, we start with a hero that you definitely know. Yep Layla is a hero that you get when completing the tutorial in the game. Because it’s easy for Layla to make Moonton use it as your tutorial hero

The way to play is fairly simple because you only need to shoot from a distance while using skills with considerable damage. To direct it is also fairly easy.

You can use Malefic Bomb and Void Projectile skills to destroy your enemies. The two skills are fast projectile skills, while the third skill is a long range skill so it requires a little timing adjustment.

2. Eudora

Recommended Hero Mobile Legend For Beginners Eudora

For the Mage class, we recommend Eudora as a Mobile Legends hero suitable for beginners. The use of the skill is also fairly easy and almost similar to Layla, which is simple and uncomplicated.

His first skill is Forked Lightning which is able to attack a group of enemies in an area with lightning. His second skill is Electric Arrow which is a single target but deals stun damage. The ultimate is Thunderstruck, an arena skill with deadly damage.

3. Clint

Recommended Hero Mobile Legend For Beginners Clint

This cowboy is named Clint. The hero is a marksman with unique abilities, because he can play a role with both offensive and defensive skills. How to use it is also very easy.

His first skill is Blind Smoke, Clint throws a smoke bomb into an arena. This skill is capable of dealing damage as well as slowing down enemy attacks. Skills both Clints are Heel Rope which apart from giving damage and slow down movement speed enemy, this ability can also act as a “blinkyou know!

4. Rafaela

Recommendations for Mobile Legend Heroes for Beginners Rafaela

This one support is fairly easy to use. Rafela is also a very good hero in providing support to his teammates who are in trouble.

But don’t get me wrong first, Rafaela also has very dangerous damage. His first skill is enough to deal damage which automatically searches for his three closest opponents. Only need to press one button, then it’s definitely hit.

The second skill is a heal that can be given to his friend if he is dying. Other friends get less amount of HP regeneration. Not only that, Holy Healing also added movement speed for a few seconds!

5. Minotaur

Recommended Hero Mobile Legend for Minoutur Beginners

For the Tank class, we recommend the Minotaur as a Mobile Legends hero for beginners. You don’t need to be afraid to die if you use this one hero, because in addition to having passive skills, he also has heal skills.

Ability healit’s called Motivation Roar. The Minotaur recovered his HP, as well as his comrades who got half of it. If in Rage Mode (skillspassive), healit will continue to activate for 2 seconds even when hit damage!

Skills Minotaur’s next is the Despair Hammer, which makes the Minotaur hit the enemy in front of him with a hammer, giving damage and slow down movement speed.

UltimateIt’s also quite easy to use! Named Minoan Fury, the Minotaur struck his hammer on the ground, delivering damage straight line ahead at the same time slow down movement speed his enemy. If in rage modethe enemy will be hit knocked airborneand of course damage resulting in more pain!

That’s him 5 Recommendations for Mobile Legends Heroes that are Suitable for Beginners!. If you have suggestions about other heroes, don’t hesitate to comment below so we can add them to the next list. so see you again in the next recommendation.