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5 Reasons Why Mobile Legends Is More Popular Than DOTA 2

The presence of Mobile Legends in the MOBA world seems to disturb the popularity of DOTA 2 which was already famous. However, in fact the popularity of Mobile Legends can beat the popularity of DOTA 2 in terms of the number of players.

In 2022, the number of Mobile Legends players outperformed the number of DOTA 2 players with a very big difference.

The number of players who play Mobile Legends can reach up to 8 million players in a day. Meanwhile, the number of players playing DOTA 2 only touched 500 thousand players a day.

Of course, this disparity in the number of players feels strange. Moreover, Mobile Legends is considered a form of plagiarism from DOTA 2 which had become a MOBA game with the most players in the world.

Then, what factors make Mobile Legends more popular than DOTA 2? This time, Dafunda Games will discuss it in the article below.

This is the reason why Mobile Legends is more popular than DOTA 2

1.Mobile Legends can be played by all circles

Mobile Legends might be called a game of all circles. Starting from small children to parents can play it. Then in terms of devices, this game is quite friendly to gamers “potato”.

As for DOTA 2, not just anyone can play it. In fact, gamers must have sufficient PC specifications to be able to play this game.

2. Flexible, Can Play Anywhere!

Moonton takes advantage of the flexibility in a game through Mobile Legends. When compared to DOTA 2, Mobile Legends is superior to the game. This game can be played anywhere as long as there is a smartphone device and an internet network.

Meanwhile, to play DOTA 2, you need a PC/Laptop device and a fast internet connection.

3. Mobile Legends features are almost similar to DOTA 2

Ml Min Features
Features Mobile Legends |

Regardless of whether Mobile Legends imitates DOTA 2 or not? In fact, Mobile Legends has almost the same features as DOTA 2. The same features include heroes, play modes and chat features.

In fact, he said 50% of current Mobile Legends players are former DOTA 2 players or DOTA 2 players who also play Mobile Legends.

4. How to play Mobile Legends is really simple

If you are a novice player, of course, you will be confused about playing DOTA 2. You have to learn it first to get used to this game. In addition, the controller is also a bit complicated. Where you, have to play 5 fingers on the left for the keyboard and 2 fingers on the right for the mouse.

Compared to Mobile Legends, you only need 2 fingers to play this game. The simplicity of the Mobile Legends game makes many people interested in playing this game.

5. DOTA 2 still survives on the PC platform

Dota 2 Min
Dota 2 |

Yep, maybe this factor is also the biggest factor why DOTA 2 is less popular than Mobile Legends. Until now, DOTA 2 is not yet available on the mobile platform. Even though the current level of smartphone use has exceeded the use of PCs.

Some PC games that also release their games in a mobile version are Fortnite and PUBG. Where when this game was released in the Mobile version, they were able to compete with games like Freefire and ROS (Rules of Survival).

Junebe someday Gaben will also think about releasing DOTA 2 in the mobile version, DOTA could be able to beat the popularity of Mobile Legends.