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5 Offline Games Similar to Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a mobile game that is available on cellphones. The moba genre has actually been brought by Dota 2 and League of Legends. But it seems that MLBB’s prestige is more brilliant domestically. Then, many people are also looking for alternative offline games that are similar to Mobile Legends.

For online games, Mobile Legends currently has a rival, namely Arena of Valor or Onmyoji Arena. But for offline games themselves, there are still many who don’t know it. Therefore, let’s look at the list below.

Offline Games Similar to Mobile Legends

1. Legendary Heroes MOBA

Offline Games Similar to Mobile Legends Hero Moba
Legends Hero MOBA Offline

The first game that we recommend for you is Legendary Heroes MOBA. This game has a map with one lane, so yes the game is quite simple.

Actually many modes are provided in this game. Then again, this game is also not too big in size and very light.

2. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Offline Games Similar to Mobile Legends Heroes Order Chaos
Heroes of Order and Chaos

Hero of Order & Chaos is an offline game similar to Mobile Legends. What’s more, this game has so many heroes that you can use, so you won’t get bored easily even if you’re not online.

The graphics offered by this game are also quite smooth. So, we highly recommend this game for you to play.

3. Plant War 2

Plant War 2
Plant War 2

Do you want to play a fun moba game? Plant War 2 is the answer. This game does feature funny and not scary characters so many children like it.

As the name suggests, most of the heroes used have designs that are nuanced in plants and forests. They are mostly green and yellow. Without anything sexy, parents don’t need to be afraid of their children to play it.

4. MOBA Legends: Kong Skull Island

Moba Legends Kong Skull Island
Moba Legends Kong Skull Island

The next mobile offline game is MOBA Legends: Kong Skull Island. From the name alone, it’s similar. This one game does have the same map as MOBA in general. You can play many modes ranging from 1vs1, 3vs3, to 5vs5.

If you are really looking for a game like Mobile Legends, we recommend that you play it. For those who want to download it, you can directly via the link we provide below.

5. Ethernium


Offline Android game similar to the last Mobile Legends that we recommend is Eternium. Yes, a free game by Making Fun, Inc. It has many different modes than other MOBAs.

In addition, in this game there are three different types of heroes ranging from Warrior, Bounty Hunter and Mage. This game has many floors that you can complete and is perfect for playing at leisure.

Well, that’s a list of some offline games similar to Mobile Legends that we can provide this time. If you have your own game that you often play, you can just comment below.

Dafunda Game will continue to provide a list of the best games that can be a recommendation for all of you when looking for games. Here are some list of other recommended games.