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5 of Apex Legends' Best Weapons You Should Try!

Apex Legends can now be said to be a Battle Royale game with Titanfall nuances in it. With interesting gameplay, of course, many people have played the game until now.

Talking about Apex Legends, did you know about The Best and Strongest Weapon in Apex Legends? If not, then we from Dafunda Game will provide 5 Strongest Weapons in Apex Legends, You Must Try!.

Best Weapon in Apex Legends

1. Peacekeeper

apex legends peaceker best weapon

This weapon is a shotgun type where this weapon is very suitable for use in close combat. In addition, this weapon will be very lethal if used with the Precision Choke.

2. Flatline

Apex legends flatline best weapon

This weapon has an Assault RIffle type with heavy ammo which is quite okay. However, the system burst in this weapon is not suitable for use in games as dynamic as Apex Legends.

3. Spitfire LMG

Apex legends best weapon lmg

This weapon is an LMG that has an effective ranged attack because it is supported heavy ammo which is quite okay. In addition, this weapon is also equipped with magazine which is quite big. Mastif

4. Mastiff

Apex legends mastiff best weapon

This weapon is a shotgun that has the advantage in close combat. In addition, the bullets that were ejected were also horizontal and different from Shotgun in general.

5. Kraber

Apex legends krabber best weapon

Weapon type sniper it has damage large enough to be suitable for long-range combat. However, this weapon cannot be reloaded.

Now, Those are the 5 strongest weapons in Apex Legends. So which is your favorite weapon? Let’s comment below.