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15 Hidden Facts in Titanic

The tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic has become the most terrible historical record in the world of shipping. Almost everyone is aware of the dark event that claimed the lives of 1,514 people. Finally this film was immortalized in a film called “Titanic”.

Who doesn’t know the Titanic movie? Released in 1997, this film attracted the attention of people from various countries and won many awards. Movies starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio this looks so perfect. Not only perfect, it turns out that the Titanic movie also spent a lot, so the director James Cameron willing to cut his own salary.

But behind all that success, there are some unknown facts from this film. What are the facts from the film that tells the story of the sinking of this giant ship? Check out his review below.

The sentence “I’m the king of the world!” actually not in the script


James Cameron tells the details of the sinking of the Titanic in detail according to the actual incident


“Your body is like being stabbed by a thousand knives,” is an original quote from one of the victims of the tragedy


When Jack first met Rose at the bow of the boat, he shared a story about falling into cold water while fishing. And it was like being “stabbed with a thousand knives.” This is an actual quote from a Titanic survivor describing the temperature of the North Atlantic waters.

Kate Winslet’s dress is designed to look skinny


Leonardo DiCaprio’s pet lizard Blizz was injured on set


In the flood scene in the ship hall area, shooting only once because the interior was immediately damaged, so it must be a success.


The name “Jack Dawson” is only a composition of the director. But who would have thought that the name actually belonged to one of the victims of the Titanic

titanic12-DAFPassenger “J. Dawson” who died aboard the ill-fated ship had the name Jusuf Dawson, and he was an ornament artist from Dublin, Ireland.

The age of the old Rose actor is actually only 87 years. But with the help of make up, they make her look 101 years old


The scene below is adapted from the actual Titanic tragedy

titanic8-DAFThis couple is named Ida and Isidor Straus. They were offered a lifeboat to save themselves. However, both refused and asked the crew to prioritize children and younger people. Both of these couples died with the sinking of the Titanic.

More than 150 extras in the movie Titanic use pseudonyms that match the names of the victims of the Titanic


To get rid of the awkwardness when it comes to nude scenes, Kate Winslet tries to talk to Leonardo several times


When Jack says “Lie down on the bed, uh…sofa,” it’s actually not the same as the script

titanic11-DAFIn the script it just says “Lie on the couch”

Members of the filming team, no one expected “Titanic” to be so popular


While Rose was waiting for the rescue ship to arrive, She saw the stars in the sky forming the Heart of Ocean cluster


And this is the real truth behind the romantic scenes of Jack and Rose while gazing at dusk