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15 Cool Mobile Legends Quotes / Words

Mobile Legends is indeed the most popular analog MOBA today. This game made by Moonton has been played by many people from children to adults. Like not just a hobby, there are also some who make it as motivation. This time we will provide cool quotes or words in Mobile Legends.

Every hero in this game does have words or talks while in the game. Of course, this quote can be said to be cool when it comes out with skills. Well, now many people are looking for cool words for Mobile Legends heroes to be used as statuses on social media ranging from Facebook to WA.

If you’re one of those people looking for it, you’re right. You can immediately see some cool Mobile Legends quotes or words below.

Mobile Legends Cool Words

The Darkness can also be friend.

(Darkness can also be a friend)


Everything will come to an end

(Everything will come to an end)


Love others as love yourself

(Love others as you love yourself)


It’s better to die with honor than live in shame

(It is better to die in honor than to live in shame)


War is not a game

(War is not a game)


Truly wise man will not tell you the truth

(A true wise man will not tell you the truth)


I will not escape, that’s the way of the ninja!

(I’m not running away, because that’s my ninja way!)

Hayabusa / Naruto

Everyone changes, so do I

(Everyone changes, me too)


Why must people, Hurt each other?

(Why do humans have to hurt each other?)


Not knowing oneself, that’s the worst

(Not knowing about yourself, that’s the worst)


A painless lesson is also meaningless

(Lessons that don’t hurt are the least meaningful)


There are wonderful things in this world, worthy of our protection

(There are many beautiful things in this world, which we deserve to protect)


A warrior’s duty, is to bring victory

(The duty of a fighter is to bring victory)


June forward and fear nothing!

(Step forward and fear nothing!)


We are unity in diversity

(We are united in diversity

Gatot Kaca

Well, those are some cool Mobile Legends quotes or words that you can use to create statuses. For those of you who are looking for other Mobile Legends tutorials, you can check by pressing the button below.

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