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11 Avengers Character Designs in the Cool Civil War Movie!

After releasing the latest trailer and poster, Marvel has released the latest material to further intensify the promotion of the film Captain America: Civil War collected in Character Art. This promotional material features all the superhero characters from the two opposing camps. Curious as to what their latest style is? Check out the art below.

Captain America

artcw1-DAFWith a shield in hand, Captain America (Chris Evans) is about to jump and hit his opponent.

Iron Man

artcw2-DAFLike the Captain America art, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) also wants to attack the opponent from the opposite direction.

Winter Soldier

artcw3-DAFWinter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) with a left arm made of iron. This former killer also poses attacking, ready to hit with his right hand.

Black Panther

artcw4-DAfBlack Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is one of the new characters in the Marvel superhero. This Character Art reveals the full details of the rulers of Wakanda. With an all black costume and sharp claws, the Black Panther looks like it wants to stab its prey.


artcw5-DAFHawkeye (Jeremy Renner) wears a new armor. Dominated by purple, this armor looks like a comic version.

Black Widow

artcw6-DAFIn terms of appearance, there are not many changes to the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) costume. It’s just that this beautiful spy uses advanced weapons in Civil War later.

Agent 13

artcw7-DAFAgent 13 or Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) is also a former SHIELD agent. Similar to Black Widow, the costume used is a shiny black suit that is ready for combat activities.

War Machine

artcw8-DAFWar Machine is owned by the government piloted by James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). At first glance, War Machine is the same as Iron Man, but is more synonymous with combining heavy weapons in his armor. This art shows War Machine has a new weapon like a sword.


artcw11-DAFVison (Paull Bettany) is an artificial intelligence that combines the power of the Mind Stone. With the power it has, Vision can penetrate a variety of solid objects.


artcw9-DAFFalcon (Anthony Mackie) is Captain America’s right-hand man and confidant.


artcw10-DAFAnt-Man (Paul Rudd) wears a new costume in this film. The biggest change occurred in the model of the ant head helmet he wore.