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10 Ways to Get Free Heroes in Mobile Legends | 100% No Banned

Do you want to get Hero Mobile Legends for free? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very popular moba game made by Moonton. This game already has players spread all over Indonesia and also participates in making big tournaments such as MPL.

But for ordinary people like us, just having a lot of heroes to play with is really fun. To get this hero, you can buy it with diamonds or battle points. But we have a few ways you might try. Let’s see how to get free heroes in Mobile Legends easily.

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends

1. Mobile Legends Tutorial

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 1
source: Gamedaim

When you first play MLBB, of course you have to skip the tutorial first, right. Well, from that tutorial you will get some free heroes that you can play for the first time.

As we all know, you will get Marksman Layla and Assassin/Fighter Zilong the first time you finish this tutorial. For more details, let’s see the next list.

2. Battle Points

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 2
source: Gamedaim

The next way to get free Mobile Legends heroes without spending money is to use battle points. Yep, this method does require hard work and quite a long time. You can earn BP by doing matches and other missions.

You have to collect up to a certain target to be able to buy a new hero. Usually heroes are priced at 32000 BP, there are also some cheap heroes like Bruno that you can buy for only 24000 BP.

3. Fragment

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 3
source: Gamedaim

Well, for those of you who have been playing for a long time but maybe never used this method, maybe you have a lot of hero fragments. You can buy heroes with fragments through your inventory.

Of course, not all heroes, especially the newly released ones, are available. But from our observation, all roles from MM to Support are available this way.

4. Live Streaming

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 4
source: Gamedaim

Junebe this method sounds a bit strange, because in fact you will not only gain popularity if you play Live Streaming. However, there are times when the audience likes your game, they can send a hero or skin for you. So there’s no harm in trying how to get this free hero.

5. Hero Events

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 5
source: Gamedaim

When he first released a new hero, Moonton also often made events to get the hero. Call it like Balerick and Faramis, both heroes can be obtained when we get to complete the hero event.

Of course, there are some tasks that must be completed such as share events and others. But for free heroes in Mobile Legends, it’s quite worth it.

6. Return of the Legends Event

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 6
source: Gamedaim

For those of you who have not been active in this game for a long time but want to play again, there is a special event that distributes Mobile Legends heroes for free. Its name is the Return of the Legends event.

This event will require you to complete several tasks first. And at the end of the event, you can choose one of the three heroes provided.

7. Event Login

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 7
source: Gamedaim

In addition to the Return of the Legends event, usually old players who just returned will also be given a Login event. You are required to login for 7 days and can get 4 heroes such as Saber, Miya, Balmond and Nana.

8. Tickets

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 8
source: Gamedaim

Besides BP and Fragments, you can also use Tickets to get free Mobile Legends heroes. Tickets are usually obtained when you do certain missions and prizes are daily events.

Indeed, not all heroes can be purchased using Tickets. But to just multiply the hero can be considered.

9. Lucky Spin

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 9
source: Gamedaim

Lucky spin is a draw or gacha feature that you can do at any time. Still the same as before, you can use tickets to do a lucky spin. Each time is rewarded with 20 tickets.

This Lucky Spin will be updated once a week, sometimes Moonton also includes Skin as the main prize from Lucky Spin. Tips from us, use 1000 tickets directly to draw.

10. Top Up Diamond

How to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends 10
source: Gamedaim

The last way to get a free Hero Mobile Legends is to top up diamonds. For those of you who top up for the first time, you will get a new hero that has been provided.

Well, that’s 10 ways to get free heroes in Mobile Legends. For those of you who don’t want to have trouble with the methods above, you can use third-party applications such as Lulubox or IMLS. You can download it below.

Dafunda Game will continue to share other game tutorials such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. So, make sure you will come back again in the next article.