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10 Fastest Smartphone Processors in 2022

Talking about processors is certainly related to the performance provided, and of course there are certain processors that are in fact more powerful than other processors. AnTuTu, is an application that provides services to find out the test results of certain parts of the hardware. For example, the processor that we are talking about this time.

The AnTuTu test results are based on benchmarks. The latest data they released shows that Qualcomm processors are the best among other processors.

Loh, why is Intel not included? indeed intel has made processors also for smartphones and its class, but it still can’t if we compare it with old players in the mobile field. Here is a list of the best Smartphone Processors 2022 for the first quarter:

10 Best Processors of 2022 Based on AnTuTu Benchmark

10 Best Smartphone Processors 2016

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (136383)
  2. Apple A9 (132657)
  3. Samsung Exynos 8890 (129865)
  4. K950 (97746)
  5. Samsung Exynos 7420 (86652)
  6. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 (81049)
  7. Qualcomm 652 (79636)
  8. Apple A8 (79100)
  9. Qualcomm 650 (7879)
  10. Qualcomm 808 (68508)

If we look at the list above, it is clear that Qualcomm and Processors from Samsung have taken over the list. But the processor from Apple is certainly no less great than its competitors.

A little additional information, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is the processor used in the latest Samsung products. Namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 series. In addition, other famous names such as Xiaomi M5, LG GX, and Sony Xperia X Performace also rely on the same processor. lots of other high-end smartphones rely on chipsets from Qualcomm to be embedded in their flagship.

Well, the best Smartphone Processors above are indeed produced from the results of the AnTuTu Test. Of course Benchmarks are not the only way to find out processor speed. There are many other ways that can be used.