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Zenless Zone Zero, the Newest Shooter Game from HoYoverse is Officially Announced! – Zenless Zone Zero is the title of the latest game work from HoYoverse, formerly known as the miHoYo studio, having previously introduced Honkai Star Rail on PC and Mobile.

It is known that Zenless Zone Zero, which we can also shorten to ZZZ, will carry the shooter or shooting genre as the basis for its main gameplay elements.

Apart from the title and genre of Zenless Zone Zero, no further information has been provided, such as the content in the game and the type of platform on which the game will be launched.

But what is clear, this latest shooter game will be released globally throughout the world.

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HoYoverse itself plans to reveal the latest detailed information in the future on June 13, 2022.

In addition, they have also opened a new Twitter account @ZZZ_ENG which is devoted to Zenless Zone Zero which you can visit with a click HERE.

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