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ZADAK Offers SPARK RGB DDR4 to Indonesian Market

The need for gaming memory continues to increase in the midst of hardcore gamers in Indonesia who want high-end gaming performance. Seeing this opportunity, ZADAK, a company that specializes in custom water cooling solutions, offers one of its flagship products, SPARK RGB DDR4, which is a very high-performance RGB gaming memory aimed specifically at gamers, as well as the PC gaming enthusiast market. on.

According to ZADAK Representative Erin Chou in a recent press release, SPARK RGB DDR4 brings together a powerful memory module, overclocking capabilities and top-notch design elements as a valuable addition to the ZADAK DDR4 family that is also compatible with high-end motherboards.

Having strong RAM with overclocking capabilities, he said, SPARK RGB DDR4 modules are available in kits ranging from 8GB to 64GB (4x16GB) with the best models working at 4133MHz. In addition, he continued, overclocking is made simple with XMP 2.0 support which allows users to select their preferred profile for stable and reliable overclocking.

“The price we charge for 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz is around 100.99 US dollars,” Erin added.

SPARK RGB DDR4 also features a quality material made of aluminum that allows for faster and more effective heat dissipation, even during overclocking, allowing each module to stay cool to maximize performance and stability. True to ZADAK’s commitment to original design and craftsmanship, the module is covered in an aluminum ‘crown’ with a gem-shaped RGB cutout in the center. This unusual design makes SPARK RGB DDR4 eye-catching and provides a smoother feel for RGB lighting.

The gem is the finishing touch to the five-part Dynamic Multi-Zone RGB lighting. With RGB zones on the top, top side, and top corner, ZADAK opens up a whole new world of lighting. With 8 customizable lighting modes: Static, Moving, Color Changing, Rainbow, Comet, Flash, Wave and Glow, users can easily take advantage of vibrant colors to put on an amazing light show or simply enhance the mood of their game.

According to Erin Chou, SPARK RGB DDR4 has full compatibility with Razer Chroma, AsusAura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, AsRock Polychrome Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion allowing users to control RGB lighting, brightness and pattern with a wider range of motherboard software.

“Keeping in mind the needs of its users, ZADAK SPARK RGB DDR4 is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD Ryzen platforms. In addition, ZADAK is an official partner of Asus, AsRock, MSI, Gigabyte, and Razer.” concluded Erin Chou.

For information, ZADAK is a PC brand water cooler Taiwanese high-end, founded by Apacer Technology Inc. consisting of designers, modders, and engineers in 2015. Original design, craftsmanship and going beyond boundaries are ZADAK’s core values. To find out more about Zadak products, please visit