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Youtube BTR Ryzen Gets Hacked, How Does It Happen?

Youtube BTR RYzen Hacked, Here’s the Information!

The surprising news came from one of the esports athletes, namely BTR Ryzen, who has been very active in his Youtube account making videos recently.

Apart from being busy uploading videos of him playing, Ryzen is also streaming on other applications which has made a lot of his followers to enliven the King of Clutch channel.

The Youtube account of the Bigetron Red Aliens athlete, was just hacked by another account and immediately changed its name to VeChain Foundation.

Ryzen Youtube Account Hacked
Source: Youtube

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The account which has 1.2 million subscribers was changed to an organizational Youtube account and had time to live on Ryzen’s account.

Not only live, this organization also uploads a lot of videos, and recently there was only 1 video left on its Youtube account.

Of course this makes Ryzen have to act, and according to the story uploaded on Instagram, this is currently in the process of being managed by Youtube.

It is not known until now, what caused the Youtube of Rusher BTR RA to be attacked by hackers, whether the security of the Youtube account was lacking or something else.

As we know, Youtube accounts with high subscribers are indeed very vulnerable to being hacked, and are the material for introducing a small Youtube account to a bigger Youtube account.

This has happened before, before Ryzen, Oura had also been a victim of a hack on his Youtube account.

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RRQ Kenboo also felt the same way where his Instagram account was hacked by an unknown person, and couldn’t do anything about it.

We, as Indonesian esports supporters, must always help them so that these things happen less and less, guys!

Continue to support them, and good luck Youtube Ryzen recover quickly, and can upload interesting videos for us again later!

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