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You are the first pick when you rank mobile legends, so you must pick this hero first

You get first pick when playing rank Mobile Legendsthen you really have to pick this hero first before other heroes.

The draft pick process is the initial process and is very important when playing rank Mobile Legendsyou could say when you win a draft pick from your opponent, the chance to win the match is very big.

Now about that, there is one thing to pay attention to during the draft pick process, namely the first pick hero or choose the earliest hero.

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Usually these first pick heroes are heroes who are fighting over, again op, very strong and so on. SPIN Esports itself has a suggestion for a hero that must be picked when you get the first pick and when the hero is not banned.


Xavier MLBB

That hero is Xavier, a hero who has a role mage and is often played as a midlaner. We highly recommend that you pick first from other heroes.

When you get the first pick and Xavier is not banned, then you really have to pick this hero. Xavier is not just a mage hero, he can carry the team from the early to the late game.

Xavier has a very annoying stun skill from his 1 and 2 skill combos, while his 3rd skill has deadly damage.

Not to mention that all of Xavier’s skills have a very short cooldown so that spam skills are really good, especially skill 3 which has a very wide range of damage area from end to end so players can continue to spam skill 3.

Mobile legends strongest mage hero
Photo via SEAGM News

But keep in mind also when you pick Xavier, you have to ban agile heroes or pick roamers who have stun who can guard Xavier during war. Because this hero has poor mobility.

But his role is very important when the team fight takes place, you could say he is the main damage, even a hero who can contribute very large damage compared to your team’s core.

That’s the hero that you must pick when you get the first pick in rank Mobile Legends.

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