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Yakuza Game Series (Ryu Ga Gotoku) PC and Consoles

One of the games from SEGA that is a favorite of many gamers is Yakuza. The game is known in its home country as Ryu Ga Gotoku. Ryu Ga Gotoku or Yakuza is an action-advanture game with RPG elements developed and released for the PlayStation 2.


The game’s first series was released on the best-selling console in 2005 in Japan, and 2006 outside Japan. The main focus of this game’s story is Kazuma Kiryu. Kazuma is a Yakuza who just got out of prison for ten years because of charges of a crime that wasn’t actually committed.

Because of its success, SEGA and R&D finally continued the Ryu Ga Gotoku game series until now. Sales even reached 1 million units. The game was finally converted to PC after years of being a console-only game.

This is good news for PC gamers who are really interested in this game even though they don’t have a console. Not only that, SEGA has also finally released a remake version for PC and consoles (PS3 and PS4) under the name Yakuza Kiwami.

On this occasion, we will discuss the Yakuza Series game from the beginning to the latest series. Are you a fan of Kazuma Kiryu? Don’t miss this article, and don’t forget to follow it to the end.

Yakuza or Yakuza Kiwami

This first Ryu Ga Gotoku series tells the story of a Yakuza named Kazuma Kiryu whose life changes when his boss Sohei Dojima tries to rape Yumi, Kazuma’s childhood friend. Finally Dojima was killed by one of Kazuma’s best friends named Akira Nishikiyama, and Kazuma was badly hit. He should be imprisoned for 10 years. While in detention, Kazuma is fired from the organization that raised him, the Tojo Clan.


The gameplay of this game made by SEGA is very interesting. The gameplay base of Ryu Ga Gotoku is action-advanture with a third-person camera and wrapped with RPG elements. In addition, you can walk around as you like because this game carries an open world environment.


Yakuza 2 or Yakuza Kiwami 2

After the success of the prequel, SEGA and New Entertainment R&D Dept. released a sequel which was released the following year (December 2006 for Japan and September 2008 for versions outside Japan). This game takes place in Tokyo Shinjuku and also Osaka.


The feel is also similar to the original Tokyo and Osaka. This second sequel story focuses on the story of Kazuma whose peaceful life with his adopted son, Haruka Sawamura is disturbed so that the war between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Clan (a gang from Osaka) does not occur. On his way, Kazuma recruits Daigo Dojima to be his leader.


For gameplay, Ryu Ga Gotoku 2 doesn’t have a significant difference, but SEGA has improved its fighting engine to make it richer. In addition, the story is also developed. You will see a deep adult love story.

Yakuza 3

The third series of Ryu Ga Gotoku underwent many more developments along with PS3 technology which was much more sophisticated than its predecessor. SEGA and R&D added 4 elements to this third series, including:


  • Seamless Battle: Seamless Battle is a free, data-driven streaming system that allows the game to directly connect the adventure mode and battle mode without a black loading screen.
  • Chase battle: Chaste Battle is a new battle mode that replaces kenka or the usual battle system. You will find a series of chases and each pursuer and person being chased has a stamina gauge.
  • Revelation: In adventure mode, Kazuma can learn new Heat Actions thanks to the support of 10 revelations.
  • First Person View: This is a fairly new feature in the game Ryu Ga Gotoku. You can change the point of view from third person to first person point of view.

Yakuza 4

With the Japanese name Ryu Ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumoni being the fourth in the series, this game offers new gameplay. You can now try playing pachinko, fishing, table tennis, onsen, and karaoke. In this game you can not only play with Kazuma Kiryu. There are three new protagonists among them, Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, and Masayoshi Tanimura.


Yakuza 5

Besides being released for PS3, this fifth series was also released for PS4. For gameplay, this fifth sequel is relatively similar to its predecessor series. You also meet 4 main protagonists, but here you will meet 1 more protagonist, Haruka Sawamura. In this game Haruka has grown up. Mini games were also added. You will find retro games like Virtua Fighter 2 and Taiko No Tatsujin in the game center.


Ryu Ga Gotoku 0

This series invites us to go back to where it all happened. This game is set in 1988 in Kamurocho and Sotenbori which is a fictional version of the Tokyo Kabukicho and Osaka Dotonbori recreation areas. In this game, you will control Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. As with the previous series, this game brings a world that you can freely surround yourself with. You can also interact with people around you and some of them will give you side quests.


Ryu Ga Gotoku 6

This sixth series is the newest series of Ryu Ga Gotoku to date. The gameplay of this sixth sequel is not much different from the previous version, but only Kiryu is a playable character in this game. Too bad for you PC gamers, this sixth Ryu Ga Gotoku was only released on the PS4 console.