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Xbox Releases Two New Controller Variants with Unique Colors!

Xbox releases two new controller variants with unique colors

Xbox, which is a console owned by Microsoft and rival from PlayStation, has recently been rumored to present two new Xbox Controller Variants, namely Phantom Magneta and Camo Arctic. The plan is that the controller will also support their latest console, the Xbox One Series X, which will be ready to be released soon.

The Two New Controllers Come with Unique Colors and Attractive Design Concepts, Where for the Phantom Magneta Variant, this controller comes in Dark Purple with a Faded Transparent Design and for the Camo Arctic variant it comes in gray with a camo pattern like the one shown is in army clothes.

Currently, you can pre-order the two new controllers through the Microsoft Store at a price of $70 or the equivalent of Rp. 900 thousand. But the release schedule for the two new controllers is known to be different, the reason is for the variants Phantom Magenta will be released first on June 17th and for variants Arctic Camo will be released in June or rather after the release of the Phantom Magenta variant.

So, how are you interested in having a new controller from Xbox with unique colors and interesting design concepts?