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Worried about Coronavirus, Nana Mizuki Cancels Her Concert in Ehime Prefecture

Through the official website, singer and voice actress Nana Mizuki announced that her upcoming solo concert at Ehime-ken Budokan had to be canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Nana Mizuki was born in the city of Niihama in 1980 and has planned to start her 2022 tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE RUNNER 2022” in her hometown. As the biggest concert tour of his career, the concert was originally scheduled to run through 13 cities (17 shows) in Japan from June 28 to August 16.

Due to the cancellation of the concert at Ehime, there is a possibility that it will affect several concert venues afterwards. It could be that there is a change in the schedule or it may even be cancelled. This information will be submitted later through the official website.