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Woman Star League Returns in Season 2

The Indonesia Gaming League (IGL), in collaboration with 1011 events in the near future, will hold the Woman Star League follow-up tournament in season 2.

After the success of the WSL tournament last season, under the auspices of 1011 Event, the Indonesia Gaming League again held the Woman Star League tournament in its 2nd season. Through a post on its official Instagram, WSL officially announced the launch of this event to coincide with the moment of the 2022 bar year celebration.

IGL has a special reason behind holding the Woman Star League event again. According to Frans Silalahi, as the general chairman of IGL as well as the Co-Founder of WSL, his party hopes that this tournament can attract more attention from Woman Players throughout Indonesia to compete in a healthy manner as well as prove themselves to be the best in the tournament and bring home the championship title with total prize 50 million rupiah. He also hopes that this event can be a potential event to give birth to new talents in the country for the Esports category.

“Last year, we registered ladies participants and were successfully watched by more than 7 million viewers on all of our streaming platforms. Hopefully, with the success of the previous year’s event, this year’s event will get more attention, especially from Indonesian esports activists,” said Frans in his written statement.

Through its official Instagram site, Woman Star League announced that registration for the 2nd season has been opened along with the official announcement on June 1, 2022 yesterday and will close on June 14, 2022. All information related to tournament news, esports news, registration of prospective players will be broadcast thoroughly and will be updated regularly on Woman Star League’s official social media.

Regarding the timing of the organizers, the Woman Star League will be divided into several phases. For the Qualification phase, it will be held from 22 to 24 June 2022, which will be enlivened by 32 teams. Meanwhile, the Regular Season which competes with 8 teams will be held for 2 weeks from June 29, 2022 and ends on June 14. After that, the most exciting phase of this tournament, namely the Playsoff phase which will be held on 19 June to 21 June 2022 and will compete with the 6 best teams in this 2nd Woman Star League Season 2.

In addition, Frans added that he had included several big names for the country’s eSport teams which automatically entered the Regular Season 2 for being the top 3 in the first season. The names include Evos Esports, Siren Moon, and Belletron Battle Angel. This is explained by Frans, aiming to enliven the organization of this tournament while also getting more enthusiasm from Indonesian esports activists to give more attention to the WSL season 2 event.