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Winning Eleven – How is it different from PES?

For those of you who in elementary school liked to rent PS, you must have played Winning Eleven. So true! This game is a soccer game made by Konami that was released in the 90s. This game started on a gaming console capable of optimizing 3D graphics called the Sony PlayStation. In Indonesia, this football game from Konami has a very booming fan base. In fact, its American and European distribution series, Pro Evolution Soccer, remains very popular. After the popularity of FIFA is increasing, the PES or WE series is slightly rivaled. Fans of the two sworn enemies of the soccer game were finally divided. On this occasion, we will discuss the history of the soccer game called Winning Eleven and also the differences between this series and Pro Evolution Soccer. Follow this article to the end.

Winning Eleven

History of Winning Eleven

Konami is known as one of the biggest game developers and companies in Japan. In 1995, Konami released its first soccer game under the name International Superstar Soccer for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) console. Surprisingly, their first soccer game received a very good reception among foreign gamers as well as Japanese.

This game features very friendly features for gamers so that the game becomes more fun. There are several modes in this game, namely Open Game (a kind of exhibition mode), International Cup (a match like the World Cup with 32 soccer teams), World Series (league), and also Training Mode (a kind of tutorial or even want to improve skills).

Winning Eleven

The success of the previous ISS did not make Konami satisfied. Finally, they made a second series called International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for the PlayStation platform in late 1995 and also followed by International Superstar Soccer 64 for the Nintendo 64 console. A year later, Konami released International Superstar Soccer 98 which was released for the Nintendo 64 again. In 1996, Konami released a soccer game called Goal Storm with a Japanese version called World Soccer Winning Eleven

The console of the millennium generation was born in 2000 called the PlayStation 2 with smoother graphics quality and much better details and colors. Konami released the no-frills International Superstar Soccer series for the PlayStation 2 console. For the Japanese version, this game does not use the Winning Eleven name for this series. However, for the PSX version, ISS Pro Evolution uses the name Winning Eleven for the Japanese version.

Winning Eleven

Then, the name ISS is no longer used for the next PS2 series for Winning Eleven. This is where the European version was born under the name Pro Evolution Soccer in 2001 for Winning Eleven 5. Until now, the name Pro Evolution Soccer has been patented to date for the European and North American versions. For those of you who are still confused about these two versions, we will explain some of the differences between Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven.

Winning Eleven

Differences between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and Winning Eleven (WE)

Basically, these two versions have a base that is not much different because the engine is the same. But of course there are differences between the two. What are those?

1. Regional Difference

The first thing that distinguishes these two versions is the regional distribution. When you go to America or Europe and want to buy a Winning Eleven BluRay Disc in the official game store, instead of finding Winning Eleven, you will find PES. This is because Winning Eleven is PES for the Japan or Asia region. Why doesn’t it exist in Indonesia? This is because Indonesia follows the American and European regions.

2. Different Languages ​​and Commentators

About a decade ago, Konami still provided the English version of Winning Eleven because PES was only released for the European region. However, in 2008, Konami determined that PES is the European version of WE as well as the American version. Therefore, the language aspect is certainly different. If PES uses English for the choice of modes and commentators, while WE uses Japanese.

3. Different Servers

Despite being under the same umbrella, these two versions have different servers. Therefore, you cannot play WE on the PES server, and vice versa.

In Indonesia now PES is better known than WE

For some people, they know that WE is gone and replaced with PES. However, the reality is that there are more PES markets in Indonesia than WE. This is also because there are more and more PES players on the PC platform in Indonesia, let alone pirated ones. Therefore, WE, which is only available on the console, cannot be played in Indonesia. And, for the latest series, 2022 there is only the PES version and the name has also been changed to eFootball PES 2022.