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Winda Earl: The Skilled Mobile Legend Tanker

Winda Earl – The world of esports in Indonesia is mushrooming. Many outstanding players have won many matches at home and abroad. In fact, at the 2022 Asian Games, President Joko Widodo, included esports as a sport at the 2022 Asian Games. Activists in the esports world in Indonesia are also growing. Moreover, the proliferation of smartphone products that are ready to run competitive games so that many players can easily improve their ability to cultivate their expertise in playing games.

Winda Earl

Women activists in the world of esports are also increasing. Every big team in Indonesia has a women’s squad in it. One of the female heroes who deserves appreciation is Winda Lunardi, commonly known as Winda Earl. She is one of the retainer of the women’s team squad of one of the biggest esports teams, EVOS. For those of you who are curious and want to know more about Winda, it is very appropriate for you to enter this Game Buddy article. Follow this article to the end.

Winda “Evos” Earl Profil Profile

The woman whose real name is Winda Lunardi was born in Jakarta on September 5, 1994. Her career in the world of esports began with joining a team called the Louvre. Not only in this team, Linda also joined other teams such as BOOM.ID and Bigetron. For those who follow the development of mobile esports, especially Mobile Legend games, surely no stranger to the name Linda Earl. Linda is a member of the game squad who strengthens the EVOS team. However, in the team, Linda was not alone, she was accompanied by her colleagues, namely Funi, Caramel, Pucci, and also Pica.

The team that was strengthened by Winda and his friends was certainly not a tinned team. They once won the Mobile Legend Minor Series match by beating the Belletron team with a 3-0 score in November 2022.

Winda Earl

Of course, behind his success and skill in managing strategies to spend a team there are secrets. Moreover, his name is increasingly sticking out among esports followers because he is fearless and skilled in carrying out his duties as a Tank. In fact, there are many other female players who actually become Mage or support in a match. Winda herself has her flagship hero, Akai. For Mobile Legend players, they definitely know that Akai is one of the tanker heroes who is quite hard to beat.

Not Just Playing Games, Winda Earl Is A Streamer Too

Some professional gamers, to increase their popularity and engagement, they create a YouTube account. Just look at some players like RRQ Lemon, MR 05, and many more. Winda, as a professional player, certainly doesn’t want to miss this moment. This female professional athlete also has a YouTube account with no less subscribers.

If we look at his YouTube channel, there are already around 400 thousand who have served on Winda’s YouTube channel as of this month. Not only that, the world of Facebook streaming is also getting more and more popular. Winda also didn’t want to be missed to join in on the fun. Here we can see how Winda strategizes and interacts with his teammates.

The Case Related to Junebank

Behind his success, there are things that are not comfortable for this esports athlete. The world of esports has just been shocked by a recent case. Winda Earl, one of EVOS’s best athletes, just stumbled upon a problem involving a Malaysian banking company, Junebank. The figure whose real name is Winda Lunardi has initially been saving in the bank since 2015.

This became even more complicated when, the mother, Floletta suddenly saw that the remaining balance was only Rp. 600 thousand in June 2022. Until now, this case is still being investigated by the police. Despite the problem, Winda Earl is one of the talented female athletes in one of the biggest esports teams, namely EVOS.

Don’t Underestimate Him

Winda Earl is one of the names to be reckoned with in the world of esports. His skill will certainly overwhelm his opponent. How will it go in the world of esports in the future? Already know Winda closely?