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Will Meet at UPoint Esports Invitational, Here's BTR Cinny's Message For MBR Team!

Will Meet at UPoint Esports Invitational, Here’s BTR Cinny’s Message For MBR Team!

BTR Era will meet MBR Delphyne at the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 group stage continuation.

It’s interesting because a former BTR Era player who recently left, Valanyr, joined MBR Delphyne.

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After the match against AURA Phoenix, it turned out that there was a special message from one of the BTR members, namely Cinny, regarding her meeting with the MBR team.

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Cinny’s Special Message For MBR

BTR Cinny
source: YT UPoint Esports

“Want to lock Isna (Valanyr),” said BTR Cinny briefly.

In short, Cinny said that he was locking Isna or Valanyr who were Ex-BTR. Of course, this can be considered a psychic against his former teammate.

It will be interesting to wait for the match between these two teams. Moreover, BTR has also just received a new explaner to replace Valanyr, namely Fumi Eko. Fumi Eko himself was previously an AE player who later joined GPX and recently left and decided to join BTR.

The battle between the two in the explaner is quite awaited even though of course Cinny as a midlaner wants to lock Valanyr, he revealed that he will do it with any Midlaner hero as long as the hero belonging to Valanyr dies or dies.

Do you think this will be fun? Valanyr in the BTR team is very strong as an Explaner. Will he be able to bring MBR to match BTR, we know BTR is a regular champion team in the ladies scene.

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